House Rules

“One thing vampire children have to be taught early on is: Don’t run with wooden stakes.” – Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy

Obsidian Towers uses the Laws of the Night rules for Vampire the Masquerade by Mind’s Eye Theatre.
House rules for Obsidian Towers, current as of February 26, 2013, are available below in a variety of fun formats!

House Rules (UPDATED 2/26/2013): rtf/ pdf

More detailed information (bylaws, etc.) for One World by Night can be found at the OBWN main website.

Clanbooks, Rulebooks and other materials for Mind’s Eye Theatre’s Laws of the Night can be found at

Downtime Submission Deadlines:

  • Downtime / Influence submission deadline – Midnight of the Sunday before next game.
  • XP submission deadline – Midnight the Friday before next game (This gives Ryan time to do the math).

Please remember that when you send your Downtimes and XP spending that you do so in Different e-mails and that each of those e-mails has in its subject line what it is.

  • Downtime subject should read “Downtime Submission, Bill Ventrue , 4/17/12″.
  • XP subject should read “XP Submission, Bill Ventrue , 4/17/12″

We use e-mail filters to make sure we review these and when they aren’t filtered the likelihood of them being missed increases.

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