Feeding Grounds

Hunting Grounds (As of November 2, 2012)

Please see your Clan page for a list of approved areas.

link to large map

Forbidden Zones: Mall of America, MSP Airport, HH Airport, University of MN, Fort Snelling National Park – Do Not Feed There!


Usually gatherings will take place at the Primary Elysium, but occasionally may be moved to other locations per the Prince’s and the Seneschal’s discretion. They or the Harpy should advise all kindred of alternate locations. Primary Elysium and several backups are listed below, but others may be used again at the discretion of the Prince.

Rules of Elysium:

  • No one shall make an offensive action toward any other Kindred unless in self-defense. The Keeper determines what is self-defense.
  • All non-Kindred brought to Elysium will not be let in without the Keeper’s or the Prince’s authorization.
  • All Elysium security members, Kindred or not, shall be treated with respect. Any complaints about security personnel should be brought up with the Keeper.
  • Anything in Elysium Damaged or lost shall be replaced by the guilty party(s) within one month or will not be allowed back into Elysium until such time that reasonable compensation is given.
  • All Kindred are encouraged to present events, acts, and art of all types to happen at Elysium. Any Person(s) wanting special events to happen on Elysium grounds must present a request at least 2 weeks in advance and are subject to Keepers approval.
  • Anyone, by action or omission, that leads to an attack on Elysium grounds by non-Kindred are violators of the Masquerade and will be treated as such.

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